Abstract & Paper Submission

Authors are invited to send one page abstracts on their research and development results in the areas of conference topics. The preferred topic should be expressed clearly. The deadline for the abstracts is February 25th, 2011. The submission is done by e-mail. The abstracts are reviewed by the Technical Program Committee and the authors are notified of acceptance by March 11th, 2011.

Final versions of the accepted papers (max 6 pages) must be prepared and submitted by April 8th 2011 at the latest. Only electronic submissions in both MS-Word and pdf-format are accepted. File size is restricted to 10 MB maximum. Accepted and presented papers are available in proceedings files loaded in to the conference memory stick and at the conference web site after the conferences.

Abstract and Full Paper Formalities

Abstract and full paper must follow the IEEE format. It is recommended to use the official template downloadable for MS-Word below. After the abstract is accepted, authors will be notified to which conference and topic their paper is accepted. The topics of the two conferences are listed here. The writing guidelines are easiest to follow by writing directly on the template. Authors, who already have written their abstract according to the ESA Workshop format, can send the abstract in the ESA Workshop format. However, the final paper must be written in IEEE format.

IEEE format template (MS-Word)

The authors are asked to name the submitted paper file according to the first name initial and last name of the first author. For example, authors P. Pan, C. J. Hook, and W. Darling would send a file ppan.doc or ppan.pdf.

Final Paper Submission Instructions

1. Write your final paper according to the formalism described above. Especially, remember to use the template file downloadable above. If not using the template directly, do follow the formalism it describes.

2. Name your paper as instructed above.

3. You can convert the paper in to a pdf-file.

4. Send the final paper to millimetrewavedays(at)gmail.com. Write to the subject-field of the e-mail: "Final Paper Submission, ppan", where ppan is the first initial and the last name of the author.

Your final paper must be submitted until April 8th, 2011. Before the deadline, the paper can be re-submitted as many times as needed.

The submitted papers will be acknowledged within a day from submission.